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Unique Coffee Gifts For Father’s Day 2023

Father’s Day is quickly approaching (how, we don’t quite know!) yet it’s here and we know the yearly dilemma of deciphering the perfect gift to get your Dad is tricky. If you think it’s time to think outside the box, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite, unique Father’s Day gift ideas for you below to prevent the last-minute sock and Dad mug purchases!

Father’s Day Activities To Enjoy With Your Dad

Firstly, when is Father’s Day this year? It’s on a Sunday, the 18th of June 2023. Sundays are perfect for wholesome family activities, however, if you’re not sure what to do with your Dad this Father’s Day, or if perhaps he isn’t an early riser, these are some less time-consuming activities we think they’ll really appreciate.  

Start their day off happily by making them a nice breakfast and freshly brewed coffee, either taking it to them in bed or having it waiting for them when they get out! Waking up to the enticing smell of freshly brewed coffee on any day is an enjoyable way to wake up, but on Father’s Day, it will probably be all that little bit more special. If your Dad isn’t a morning person, why not organise a picnic in the park with his favourite sweet treats?  Alternatively, you could organise for the family to go on a nice walk in the woods or by the sea – depending on which is his favourite. It truly is the genuine thought behind the gesture that counts.

Ozerlat Tahin Helva Coffee

Our Unique Coffee Gifts For Dads

Tahin Helva With Pistachio or Turkish Coffee

One of our personal coffee accompanying favourites is the wonderful Tahin Helva with Pistachio – a Turkish classic and one of the oldest sweets in the world, it’s hard to resist. Handcrafted from tahini (sesame seeds) and pistachios, it is the perfect nutty yet sweet accompaniment to any warm beverage. If your Father or Grandpa finds themselves tangled in the web of nut allergies, we do have our not-so-classic Tahin Helva with Turkish Coffee

Made in Istanbul from the highest quality Turkish sesame and Turkish coffee beans, this would be a wonderful, flavoursome gift to elevate their morning coffee or any beverage of choice this Father’s Day (or if you’re like us, any day of the year). These are also perfect if your Dad isn’t a big coffee lover and you want to get him something he’s yet to try – they’d also come in handy to bring along on your picnic or as a flavoursome snack on your walk! 

Filter & Espresso Coffee Blends

For thoughtful gifts that can be used regularly, treating him to some new coffee beans he is yet to try will definitely enrich his day-to-day. We have our Arasta Blend Filter Coffee, a high-quality blend of Arabica beans roasted with exceptional skill and precision, packaged in a 500g resealable pouch that preserves the freshness of the beans.

If your Dad isn’t a filter coffee guy, we also have our Ermou Espresso Blend made with specially selected Arabica and a small amount of Robusta beans! You can enjoy this in a Moka Pot (the traditional Italian way) or with ease in your espresso machine. To brew in a Moka Pot measure 2tsp of coffee beans for each cup before grinding the coffee beans as finely as you would for a shot of espresso – you don’t want it too fine! 

Ozerlat Filter Espresso Coffee side by side

Any of these coffee-oriented gifts will be a lovely addition to your Dad’s morning (or evening) coffee-drinking routine. It’s always nice to put some intention and pre-thought behind a gift when we can, especially on Father’s Day! 

We would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Grandads and father figures from all of us here at Ozerlat UK, and we hope that you have a wonderful day surrounded by family, friends and loved ones.

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