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Christmas 2023 Gift Guide

With the advent of colder weather and night drawing in, it feels as if Christmas is firmly on the horizon. If that single thought leaves you feeling rather panicked at the prospect of having to come up with another round of original gifts for your nearest and dearest, rest assured that you’re in the right place.

Our 2023 edit of Christmas gift ideas means that we’ve already done the hard work. All you need to do is decide who’s having what from our list below and then you can pat yourself on the back for being so organised and enjoy the festive build up.

1. Real Turkish Delight

Turkish delight, offers a range of flavours and textures that make for an exceptional present for anyone – not to mention, it can add a touch of luxury to the holiday season This traditional Turkish confection, known as “lokum,” boasts a unique combination of chewy texture and rich, aromatic taste, making it a delightful treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

The vibrant colours and enticing fragrance of rose, pistachio, lemon, or cinnamon-flavoured delights evoke a sense of warmth and festive cheer. Not to mention, our beautiful presentation in hand-made and elegant boxes packaging enhances its appeal as the perfect holiday gift. 

Whether you choose to share your real Turkish delight amongst friends and family during Christmas gatherings or gift it to a loved one, our range brings a taste of the exotic to the festivities, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

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2. Turkish Coffee

Our range of coffee is the perfect way for the hot drink lover in your life to savour Turkish coffee in the comfort of your home. For an even more authentic coffee-drinking experience, consider complementing it with a collection of artisanal ceramic ‘fincans’ (Turkish coffee cups), a meticulously crafted Turkish copper pot, or ‘cezve,’ and a package of Heritage Turkish Coffee to kickstart the brewing adventure! Also, if someone has been on the ‘nice’ list this year, we also have the Arzum OKKA automatic Turkish coffee machine, which would be the perfect addition alongside your Turkish coffee choice and cups. 

The act of enjoying a Turkish coffee encourages a slower pace, creating moments of connection and conversation. As the rich, flavorful coffee is sipped and savoured, it can become a centrepiece for intimate gatherings, fostering a warm and convivial atmosphere during the holiday season. In essence, the gift of Turkish coffee embodies the spirit of sharing, cultural exploration, and the joy of indulging in delightful traditions, making it a perfect and thoughtful Christmas present.


turkish coffee

3. Figs & More!

Our chocolate figs also make for an excellent Christmas present. They add a touch of natural sweetness to the holiday season. Figs are a unique and gourmet gift choice that stands out from more common holiday treats. 

Every box offers a selection of three distinct chocolate varieties—dark, milk, or white chocolate-coated figs. Each one of our boxes comes with a distinct blend of premium ingredients, including sultanas, apricots, plums, orange peel, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and sesame tahini. This assortment of delicious figs ensure a delectable fusion of flavours and textures in every single bite. We highly recommend all these flavours and whether you savour the rich intensity of dark chocolate, the creamy sweetness of milk chocolate, or the velvety smoothness of white chocolate, these chocolate-coated figs offer a sophisticated and indulgent treat.  Either pop them under the tree as the perfect Christmas present or as an addition to your festive spread.

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