Our gorgeous Aydin Figs (PDO) are a variety of dried figs produced in Aydin in southwestern Turkey in the Aegean region, which is one of the earliest locations of fig production in the Mediterranean for centuries.

The soil type (sandy-clay) and climate (warm winters, hot and arid summers) with prevailing northeaster wind in the ripening and drying season make Aydin an ideal location for natural (unprocessed) fig cultivation and increases the quality of its figs.

The ecological and human factors involved in their ripening and drying process give our Aydin figs their thin skin, soft texture, large shape and honey-sweet taste.

Production, harvesting and drying have been performed in the same conventional and natural methods for generations such that fig production is considered an art in the region.

Harvesting and drying processes are performed naturally whereby ripened figs are left to dry on trees and fall onto mesh hammocks. Afterwards, the figs are spread on wooden bedsteads under the sun for further drying and are constantly hand checked by experienced farmers for ideal moisture levels.

Owing to their unique cultivation and harvesting methods, and the distinct honey-sweet taste, large size and soft texture, our Aydin figs are protected under the PDO status by the European Commission.


• Our Aydin Figs are the perfect accompaniment
to any cheese and charcuterie platter
• Consume them as is or add to your granola
or porridge for natural sweetness
• You can also bake them in the oven or poach
and serve with ice cream for a dessert alternative
• They will also work as a perfect addition to meat stews
for a sweet and sour flavour