Espresso Coffee – Wholebean 500g


We have crafted Özerlat Ermou Blend Espresso with specially selected quality Arabica and only a small amount of high quality Robusta beans. You can now enjoy pure and delicious espresso at home in a Moka Pot or espresso machine.

  • ARTISAN ROASTER – We’ve been roasting coffee in Cyprus since 1917, now running in our 4th generation, still using the artisan methods and maintaining the standards set by our great-grandfather. Find out more
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – No added flavour or preservative. Find out more
  • GIFT FOR A COFFEE LOVER – Ideal gift for any coffee lover; would be perfect as a birthday gift, anniversary present, Christmas gift or as a stocking filler


Instructions for brewing with a moka pot:

Measure 2 tsp freshly-roasted coffee beans for each cup. Grind the coffee beans setting in a grinder about as finely as you would for a shot of espresso. Do not use too fine ground coffee.

Turn the moka pot to open the lower tank and fill with cold water (4oz per cup). The water level should not exceed the lower lid. Place the filter inside lower tank and fill with Özerlat Ermou Blend. You can increase the amount of coffee if you prefer a stronger taste. Tightly screw the top of the coffeepot to the tank and place the coffeepot on your stove and bring to boil. When the top of the coffeepot is full of coffee, take the pot off the burner and enjoy your coffee!

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 12.9 × 9 × 23 cm


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Espresso Coffee – Wholebean 500g