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Handpicked Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Love Language

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and what better way to express your affection than with gifts tailored to your partner’s love language? Whether your loved one responds to acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, or receiving gifts, there’s something special out there for everyone. In this guide, we explore thoughtful Turkish-inspired gifts that cater to each love language.

Acts of Service

If your loved one prefers actions over words, then their love language may as well be acts of service. If they enjoy you helping with chores, running errands, or performing acts of kindness without being asked, then we’ve got the perfect gift for them this Valentine’s Day. 

Getting someone a gift whose love language is acts of service can be tricky – after all, they do prefer actions, not gifts! But we have the perfect compromise. Why not create a delicious platter of Turkish goodies? Show your devotion through acts of service with a homemade Turkish feast prepared with love. You could include a range of Turkish Delight (we would recommend our Rose Turkish Delight for extra romance points), alongside our wonderful chocolate figs

turkish feast

Quality Time

Turkish coffee is more than just the drink, it’s about the experience. There is a saying that many like to use when discussing Turkish coffee  – ‘the heart wants neither coffee nor coffeehouse; the heart wants friendship but coffee is just an excuse’.  Whilst the art of making and enjoying a Turkish coffee is related closely to friendship, this can also be a romantic experience too! After all, aren’t our partners meant to be our lifelong best friends? 

When shopping around this Valentine’s Day, why not get your loved a bag of authentic Turkish coffee? The gift itself offers an experience that you and your partner can enjoy together – perfect for those who speak the language of quality time. 

turkish coffee

Words of Affirmation

For partners who prioritise kind words and want to show love through what they say, it’s less about the gift and more about what it represents. Alongside your gift this year, you can also express your love and appreciation through heartfelt handwritten notes or poetry. 

Consider gifting a gift card, in which you can inscribe a beautiful note, that once spent, they can keep forever. Or alternatively, in addition to selecting the perfect gift, consider accompanying it with a heartfelt card overflowing with words of love and affirmation. Let your partner know just how deeply they’re cherished and valued in your life.

Physical Touch

Physical touch is a powerful way to express love and affection for many individuals. This love language includes hugs, kisses, holding hands, cuddling, and any form of physical intimacy that fosters a sense of connection and closeness. Physical touch can be as simple as cuddles in bed on Valentine’s morning (you can even add a steaming cup of coffee!)

Receiving Gifts

For Valentine’s Day, receiving gifts can be a great way to express your love and affirmation. For those whose love language is receiving gifts, they typically enjoy presents which they can cherish forever. We would recommend grabbing them a bag of traditional Turkish coffee and accompanying it with a beautiful Handmade Ceramic Turkish Coffee Cup.

turkish coffee cup

As well as being a thoughtful present, our handmade cups will bring an authentic spark to anyone’s Valentine’s Day. Crafted in Turkey by a small pottery employing exquisite ceramics and time-honoured methods, these cups bear the mark of true artisanal mastery. Each cup features an exclusive design, seamlessly blending traditional motifs of the Golden Horn and Rumî. These intricate patterns hold profound symbolic significance in the ancient Ottoman art traditions. 

The mesmerising swirls of the Golden Horn symbolise eternal life and boundless infinity, while the age-old Rumî animal motifs embody qualities of strength, abundance, and kindness. Whilst the love language of gift giving can seem the most simple for Valentine’s Day, your loved one will still want an authentic gift that they will enjoy for many years to come.

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