You haven’t truly tasted coffee until you’ve tasted true Turkish coffee. Rich, complex, and blissfully smooth, it’s a delight for the senses that takes the daily coffee ritual to new heights.

At Özerlat we’ve been making exceptional Turkish coffee since 1917, when our great-grandfather started roasting and grinding fresh coffee in Cyprus. You can learn more about our coffee and heritage throughout this site…

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Turkish Coffee

Our two distinct blends represent the traditional and the modern sides of Turkish coffee. Heritage is all about classic aromas and flavours, while Mozaik brings a contemporary approach.

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You don’t need a full Turkish coffee set to make excellent coffee, but it helps. Our carefully sourced and stylish accessories are perfect for those wanting to master the art of making Turkish coffee at home.

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Turkish Delight

At Ozerlat we’ve matched our authentic Turkish coffees with Turkish delight from the legendary confectionery house Haci Bekir. We’ve carefully selected five different flavours to take your experience of our coffee to a whole new level.

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Hervey Henshall

Specially developed in collaboration with Hervey Henshall, our Turkish delight is hand crafted in Istanbul from the finest natural ingredients.