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New Year, New You: How Coffee Enhances Mindfulness

Is one of your New Year resolutions to be more mindful? As we come to the end of our first month of 2024, we want to encourage you to keep going with your goals. Mindfulness can mean different things to different people – for example, some of us may want to focus on being present in the moment, while others may aim to cultivate a sense of inner peace and clarity. 

No matter the reason for wanting to bring mindfulness into your daily life, Turkish coffee may be the answer. In this article, we will be discussing how your daily cup of coffee could potentially enhance your mindfulness.


Ceremonial Preparation

As you may well know, Turkish coffee has a special and unique preparation process which involves the finely ground coffee beans, water and sugar (optional) and a copper coffee pot (or Cezve). Whilst this coffee making ritual can be delicious Turkish coffee, this slow and deliberate preparation can also be a meditative experience. As you prepare your Turkish coffee, you will be able to focus on the present moment and the task at hand. 

This is similar to the practice of tea meditation – where one makes a cup of tea as a gentle, mindful practice. According to this article from Twinings, tea meditation is rooted in Zen Buddhism ‘tea meditation works to ground you in the moment by inviting you to bring all your senses, so from the moment you make your tea, you become aware of your mind and body and use the tea as a guide.’ You can follow a similar practice as you prepare your Turkish coffee this January. 


Sensory Awareness 

Nothing smells quite as good as a Turkish cup of coffee. Its rich scent captivates our sense of smell, while the bold flavour awakens our taste buds. Much like the practice of tea meditation, relishing a cup of Turkish coffee provides an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a sensory experience, anchoring you in the present moment and elevating your awareness. Take a moment to sip your coffee and unwind — there are few practices more inherently mindful than this.


Mindful Sipping

Speaking of sipping your coffee, Turkish coffee also offers you the perfect opportunity to practise mindfulness when sipping. Traditionally, Turkish coffee is served in small cups. This allows you to take small sips and savour the flavours. This promotes a mindful approach to consumption and ensures you appreciate every aspect of your coffee – from the texture, to the taste.  We would recommend taking short pauses between your sips and using this time to appreciate the sensory experience. If your New Year resolution is to be more mindful, then Turkish coffee can help you check in with your thoughts and emotions.


Social Connection

There is a saying we love about Turkish coffee: The heart wants neither coffee nor coffeehouse; the heart wants friendship but coffee is just an excuse. Turkish coffee is often enjoyed in the company of others, making drinking your favourite hot drink becomes more of a social endeavour. 

Sharing this experience with your friends and family can enhance your emotional bond with them and your social connections. Whilst mindfulness can be about focusing on yourself, your thoughts and your feelings, having strong social bonds can contribute to your overall well being. 


Caffeine Boost for Focus

As well as the ways that you can utilise Turkish coffee in your pursuit for mindfulness, there are also the more scientific ways that coffee can help you clear your mind. Turkish coffee has caffeine present, which can give you that gentle energy boost you need. 

With January being a typically cold month, we may feel unmotivated. Caffeine enhances our alertness and general concentration. This heightened focus can aid in your mindfulness practice, helping you stay present and attentive.

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