Pomegranate extract

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    Punica redefines Pomegranate extract:

    • SINGLE FARMER, SEED TO BOTTLE – Carefully crafted from seed to soil to bottle, PUNICA Just Pomegranate is a pomegranate extract made from 100% pomegranates (a blend of Hejaz with the local Katirbasi and Devedisi types) by one farmer in a single orchard located in Harran Plain in the heart of Urfa, Southeastern Turkey, on fertile Mesopotamian soil
    • NO NASTIES – Produced in a natural environment, the pomegranates are reduced under vacuum conditions imitating the traditional sun-roasting technique, without exposure to high heat, which maintains the pure aroma and taste without losing nutritional values. All parts of the fruit from the membranes to arils, seeds and inner peel are inclued at certain proportions so that you can taste the full flavour of pomegranates in a single drop of the extract.
    • VERSATILE INGREDIENT – Dress your salads, marinate your veggies and meats, add to your cocktails… you will not be disappointed!
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