demitasse cups

  • ozerlat handmade ceramic Turkish coffee cupsOzerlatCoffee582 scaled

    Specially designed for Özerlat, our handmade fincans (Turkish coffee cups) are the perfect way to experience truly authentic Turkish coffee.

    • HANDMADE IN TURKEY – by a small pottery using fine ceramics and age-old techniques, the cups are finished by hand with beautiful decorative features.
    • EXCLUSIVE DESIGN – combines traditional motifs of the Golden Horn and Rumî, intricate and eye-catching designs which have strong symbolic meaning in the ancient Ottoman art traditions. The swirling Golden Horn symbolises immortality and infinity, while the thousand-year-old Rumî animal motifs represent strength, abundance and kindness.
    • GIFT FOR COFFEE LOVERS – ultimate luxury gift for Turkish coffee lovers, for anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas.