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    From our spice range, these blissfully aromatic Turkish delights make the warm, comforting notes of cinnamon the star of the show.

    • REAL TURKISH DELIGHTHandmade using the original recipe from the highest quality ingredients by the oldest confectionery house in Turkey. Find out more
    • DELICIOUS FLAVOUR – Cinnamon flavour is gently released as the sweet lokum melts, slowly revealing all its evocative aromas
    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Specially crafted using only natural ingredients, with no artificial flavours or colours, and without glucose syrup 
    • GLUTEN FREE AND VEGAN FRIENDLY – Our special selection of Turkish delights not only taste delicious, but also gluten free and 100% plant-based making then suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets 
    • PERFECT GIFT – Carefully packaged in an elegant handmade box, our Turkish delight makes a beautiful gift for a loved one or as an after-dinner treat. Perfect for a birthday, special celebration, Eid, Valentine’s Day or Christmas
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