Coffee accessories

  • Pots 1 scaled010Y1254 scaled

    Our beautiful copper cezve is just the perfect pot to brew Özerlat Turkish coffee!

    • MATERIALS MATTER – High grade 1.5mm copper (for even conductivity across the pot which is vital for Turkish coffee) lined with silver (for food safety and long-life) and finished with an elegant handle crafted from solid bronze.
    • HANDMADE IN TURKEY – Each pot is hand formed and hammered by a master coppersmith in Istanbul, giving the cezve its unique shape and durability.
    • FAMILY OWNED SUPPLIER – Our exclusive cezve are individually crafted in Istanbul by a small family-owned company called SOY Turkiye who are passionate about reviving Turkey’s famous copper traditions.
    • GIFT FOR A COFFEE LOVER – Ideal gift for any coffee lover; would be perfect as a birthday gift, anniversary present or gift for Christmas
  • okka coffee machine in blackokka coffee machine in white

    Closest Turkish coffee can get to bean-to-cup, Arzum OKKA offers a consistent and practical brewing for Turkish coffee.

    • EFFICIENCY AND CONSISTENCY – Inbuilt water tank and direct-to-cup serving automating key parts of Turkish coffee brewing ensuring consistent flavour every time.
    • FLEXIBILITY – One/two cups at a time, ability to adjust cup size and brewing time.
    • PRACTICAL – Self-cleaning feature, key parts could be removed for rinsing.
    • LEADING SMALL APPLIANCE MAKER IN TURKEY – Arzum, with its 50+ year history in Turkey, is recognised as the key innovator in Turkish coffee automation.
  • ozerlat handmade ceramic Turkish coffee cupsOzerlatCoffee582 scaled

    Specially designed for Özerlat, our handmade fincans (Turkish coffee cups) are the perfect way to experience truly authentic Turkish coffee.

    • HANDMADE IN TURKEY – by a small pottery using fine ceramics and age-old techniques, the cups are finished by hand with beautiful decorative features.
    • EXCLUSIVE DESIGN – combines traditional motifs of the Golden Horn and Rumî, intricate and eye-catching designs which have strong symbolic meaning in the ancient Ottoman art traditions. The swirling Golden Horn symbolises immortality and infinity, while the thousand-year-old Rumî animal motifs represent strength, abundance and kindness.
    • GIFT FOR COFFEE LOVERS – ultimate luxury gift for Turkish coffee lovers, for anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas.
  • goz dudak seti oksit kaplama pirinc tabakmozaik brass saucer

    Designed by Özlem Tuna in Istanbul, our handmade porcelain fincans are truly special:

    • TRADITION MEETS MODERN – designs take inspiration from the tulip of Istanbul and Byzantium Mosaics, with modern twists.
    • CRAFTMANSHIP & MATERIALS – each cup is handmade using Limoges clay in a small atelier and metalworks from Grand Bazaar.
    • IDEAL GIFT FOR A COFFEE LOVER – versatile design suitable for Turkish coffee and espresso, ideal for an anniversary, special day or Christmas gift.


  • beyaz bardak1beyaz bardak1

    Our ceramic coffee mugs are guaranteed to make each cup of coffee a delight!

    • SIMPLE AND STYLISH DESIGN – By our family in Cyprus, they are perfect for your morning coffee!
    • IDEAL GIFT – For secret Santa, colleagues or anyone who enjoys a decent cup of coffee.