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Britain’s Oldest Coffee Culture

Coffee is more than just a hot drink you have in the mornings to wake you up or a quick pick me up at lunch time. It is a drink to share with others, to pop into a coffee house and catch up with an old friend.

Our mission is to remind people of this ‘forgotten’ culture of coffee and now more than ever, people are seeking more high-quality coffee experiences. That is why we want to present all coffee lovers with an outstanding Turkish coffee experience like no other. 

At Ozerlat, we believe that coffee brings people together and encourages communication and collaboration. It promotes cultural diversity and that is what we stand for. 

Where Does Turkish Coffee Originate From?

Turkish coffee is one of the oldest coffee-making methods, dating back to 1555 and is a classic practice of preparing unfiltered coffee. The coffee is roasted and finely ground and from this, it is brewed (it shouldn’t be boiled as boiling burns the coffee and you lose the crema) in a special Coffee pot called a cezve. Through the efforts of merchants and travellers who passed through Istanbul, it quickly became renowned to the whole world. 

Did You Know That Turkish Coffee Is The Oldest Coffee Culture In London?  

If you head to St. Michael’s churchyard off Cornhill in London, you can come across the place that forever changed Britain. It was there that in 1652, London’s first coffee house was established by Pasqua Roseé. 

He was a servant for a British merchant named Daniel Edwards, in Smyrna, Turkey. Roseé wanted a place to entertain Edwards’ guests and so he had a shed near the Royal Exchange centre of commerce, where merchants would also visit each day. He developed a taste for Turkish drink and introduced it to London. 

The coffeehouse was a popular venture as Roseé was selling over 600 dishes of coffee every day. People flocked to Roseé’s coffeehouse to socialise, spread news, and share new ideas, all fuelled by coffee. 

This then brought about the birth of trade houses, stock exchange and even media. For example, in 1698, the London Stock Exchange began as Jonathan’s Coffee House where merchants would meet to arrange stocks and deals.  

How Coffee Plays An Important Role In Our Day To day Lives

Coffee in the UK played an integral role in developing communications within the coffeehouses. In the UK, 70 million cups of coffee are consumed each day. And 80% of people visit a coffee shop at least once a week, whilst 16% visit on a daily basis. By 2025, it is expected that there will be more than 30,000 coffee shops in the UK. It is clear that coffee has played an important role in our daily lives.  

Turkish coffee is not just a beverage, it is full of tradition and a social necessity. According to UNESCO, Turkish coffee culture and tradition is a symbol of hospitality, friendship, refinement, and entertainment. Coffee brings people together and encourages communication and collaboration. It promotes cultural diversity. 

What Is The Best Turkish Coffee?

We’ve been roasting coffee in Cyprus since 1917, now running in our 4th generation, still using the artisan methods and maintaining the standards set by our great-grandfather. Our real Turkish coffee blends are carefully crafted from 100% Arabica beans, expertly roasted and blended for a unique Turkish coffee experience. 

This is what makes Ozerlat coffee the perfect pairing to your mornings, afternoons and catch ups with old friends. 

Heritage Turkish coffee 

This is our classic Heritage Turkish coffee blend made from 100% Brazil Arabica beans, finely ground for Turkish coffee brewing. Our traditional blend with a nutty bitter-sweet taste with chocolate notes.

Medium Roast Turkish Coffee

Our Medium Roast Turkish Coffee is ideal and indispensable for real coffee enthusiasts! We are proud to say that we inherited the recipe for this blend from our company’s founders more than 100 years ago. This is our traditional blend with a roasted nut and red berry taste with a buttery smooth finish.

Light Roast Turkish Coffee

This Light Roast Turkish Coffee was crafted in the 1970s to suit the changing taste because of the multiplicity of different blends. With a light roast, we preserved the pure aroma and acidity of the special 100% Arabica beans. This is our traditional blend with a nutty sweet aroma with a clean finish.

Explore Our Other Coffee Types:

Espresso Coffee

Our Espresso Coffee is our own creation of crafted Özerlat Ermou Blend Espresso with specially selected quality Arabica and only a small amount of high-quality Robusta beans. You can now enjoy pure and delicious espresso at home in a Moka Pot or espresso machine.

Filter Coffee

Our Filter Coffee is an Özerlat Arasta Blend of carefully selected high-quality Arabica beans roasted with special skill and precision. It comes in 500g resealable pouches packed with advanced technology to preserve its freshness for two years.

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