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A Brief History Of Turkish Coffee Heritage

Coffee in this day and age is a staple of a lot of people’s lives, it is a consistent morning ritual, the ever-loving afternoon pick me up and long catch-up with a friend. But the history of coffee is rich and has had a huge impact on Turkish heritage

At Ozerlat UK, we value the beauty and heritage of coffee and the practices it entails. Coffee is a famous and well-known symbol of Turkish hospitality and has a colourful and magnetic history. In this article, we tell you when coffee first came to Turkey and how to make the perfect cup of Turkish coffee at home.

Firstly, What Is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee is simple and decadent by nature, as well as being one of the oldest coffee-making methods. Turkish coffee is a classic practice of preparing unfiltered coffee, dating back as early as 1555. The coffee beans are roasted and then finely ground and this is what is brewed in a cezve (a traditional Turkish coffee pot). 

Turkish Heritage & The History Of Coffee

The history of coffee and its popularity began when it debuted in the sixteenth century. Right from the start when coffee was introduced to Turkey, it made its mark and from there it made such a profound impact that it changed and influenced the culture, quickly becoming an integral part of people’s daily lives.

Coffee houses became popular and were a place for people to gather to discuss not just their social lives but politics, current affairs and even religion. This wave of coffee shops travelled to every corner of the country until it became part of their rituals and social lives.  

It was a place where people could come alone to read and write or gather in groups to catch up and make trades. It became an environment that catered to everyone’s needs and this is why coffee is celebrated.

Turkish coffee is a prominent aspect of the country’s culture; its unique and versatile nature is why it found itself on UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage

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How To Make Turkish Coffee At Home

Making Turkish coffee at home is easy and simple. The unique thing about this type of coffee is that it is not filtered at all, the coffee grounds are served in your cup and settle at the bottom. When serving Turkish coffee, serve it black and add any sugar at the start of the process because Turkish coffee is not stirred once it is served. Here is our Turkish coffee recipe:

You will need:

Method for Turkish coffee:

Step 1:

Add the coffee (and sugar if you take it) to the pot along with water, place over medium heat and stir to combine ingredients. Now leave it to brew undisturbed.

Step 2:

Watch your coffee carefully to ensure it doesn’t boil. When the foam begins to rise at the edges, lift the pot away from the heat. Carefully pour or spoon the froth into your cup and position your pot back on the heat.

Step 3:

Wait for the foam to rise again, and lift the pot away from the heat as soon as it does. Pour the contents into your coffee cup, taking care to maintain the foam at the top. Remember, with Turkish coffee, a creamy foam on the top is a sign of quality.

How To Drink Turkish Coffee

There are so many ways to enjoy Turkish coffee but there is a famous traditional way. Here is one way of how to drink Turkish coffee:

  • Let your coffee settle and cool a little in the cup before drinking. 
  • Serve with a glass of water.
  • Have a sweet treat on the side. Turkish delight is just one of the many delicious pairings. 

The simplicity of Turkish coffee is the true taste of tradition. Perfect with a book, over breakfast, having a catch-up with an old friend or simply enjoying watching the world go by.

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