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What Does Turkish Coffee Taste Like?

Turkish coffee is enjoyed by many from all corners of the world. This is due to its unique and bold taste. If you are a coffee connoisseur like us, then Turkish coffee may be on your list to try. In this article, we will be covering what Turkish coffee is, what the primary tasting notes are, and what the benefits of drinking it are.

What Is Turkish Coffee?

Before we get into the history of Turkish coffee, let’s start with what exactly separates Turkish coffee from its other counterparts. Firstly, Turkish coffee is a method of coffee preparation that originated in the Middle East and is elaborated in Turkey. It spread across European countries such a, Greece, 

By combining finely ground coffee beans with water at room temperature, and often adding some sugar, you are able to bring the liquid to a frothy, foamy consistency which is typically just below boiling – then ta-da, you have Turkish coffee! As for the brewing process, traditional Turkish coffee is brewed in a pot which is better known as a Cezve. 

Once you’ve got your coffee how you like it, including the coffee grinds. The grinds will then go to the bottom of the cup, leaving you with the coffee left to enjoy. 

What Does Turkish Coffee Taste Like?

Much like espresso, Turkish coffee has a bold and condensed flavour which can be described as bittersweet. Occasionally, people will often opt for Turkish coffee, but that is down to the drinker’s preferences. 

Whilst there are similarities in espresso and Turkish coffee’s taste, they do differ in texture. Turkish coffee is rich and is enjoyed across many countries due to its unbeatable taste. A Turkish cup of coffee is usually identified by its rich, earthy taste as well as the coffee grounds still being present at the bottom of the mug. 

Turkish coffee is typically served black or enjoyed brewed alongside milk instead of water, Not to mention if you want to sweeten the drink, adding sugar when you start your brew is the way to go. Once you have made your cup of Turkish coffee, we recommend not stirring it but letting the grounds settle to the bottom of your cup to allow for a full-bodied, enriching taste. 

Are There Benefits To Drinking Turkish Coffee?

We know that everyone loves a cup of coffee, but what if we told you that there could be actual benefits to sipping on this delicious hot beverage?  

couple drinking turkish coffee

The Beneficial Compounds of Turkish Coffee

As mentioned above, Turkish coffee is unfiltered, meaning that, unlike other coffees, it has higher levels of beneficial compounds. 

Unfiltered coffee beans contain such elements as chlorogenic acids, which are types of antioxidants that can provide a potential number of health benefits. If you are looking to improve your inflammation, support your cholesterol levels, improve your blood sugar levels or even, bring down your blood pressure, we’ve got good news! Drinking a cup of Turkish coffee a day could help you with these things. Whilst it’s not the cure for all, who doesn’t want an added reason to enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee?

Add A Splash Of Cardamom!

When making your cup of Turkish coffee, why not use a dash of cardamom? This tasty spice is delicious, but also, can have several health benefits. Cardamom has powerful antioxidants present which can help reduce any inflammation you may be experiencing, as well as potentially lowering any risk of chronic illnesses. 

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