It’s the balance between delicate roasted pistachio and sweet, soft Turkish delight
that makes these the most popular variety in Turkey.



Enriched with the gum of Greek mastic trees, these traditional Turkish delights
have a silky texture and subtly herbaceous, resiny flavour.



These Turkish Delights are very distinctive, with the intense aroma of clove giving
way to a complexity of flavour that truly elevates our coffee.



From Haci Bekir’s spice range, these blissfully aromatic Turkish delights make the
warm, comforting notes of cinnamon the star of the show.

The dense sticky richness of date works so well in Turkish delight. This box
contains three different date lokoums: plain, hazelnut and pistachio.



Inhale the scent of history and savor the exquisite tastes of nature artistically
reflected on confections.