Handmade Turkish cezves


Special handmade copper Turkish cezves with silver lining

Turkish coffee doesn’t need to be made in a traditional cezve pot, but you’ll get better results with one. Because we want you to experience Turkish coffee at its best, we’ve sourced an exclusively designed traditional cezve from Istanbul to really do justice to our coffee.

These beautifully authentic coffee pots are made from high grade copper lined with silver (for a hygienic, long-lasting finish) with elegant handles crafted from solid bronze. Copper is one of the best materials for cookware as it conducts heat so effectively, making it perfect for brewing Turkish coffee. Copper eliminates ‘hot spots’ and helps the coffee brew evenly to create a good foam.

Our exclusive cezve are individually crafted in Istanbul by a small family-owned company called SOY Turkiye who are passionate about reviving Turkey’s famous copper traditions. Each pot is hand formed and hammered by a master coppersmith, giving the cezve its unique shape and durability.

Our cezve come in two sizes: Small (1-2 persons) and Medium (2-3 persons). Due to their high quality, each pot comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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