Specially designed for Özerlat, these handmade fincans (coffee cups) are perfect for
a truly authentic Turkish coffee experience. Crafted in Turkey by a small pottery using fine
ceramics and age-old techniques, the cups are finished by hand with beautiful decorative features.

Turkish coffee doesn’t need to be made in a traditional cezve, but you’ll get better
results with one. Because we want you to experience Turkish coffee at its best, we’ve sourced an
exclusively designed traditional cezve from Istanbul to really do justice to our coffee.

Carefully crafted by Özlem Tuna and her team in Istanbul, our handmade porcelain
fincans bring together the traditional methods from Tarihi Yarımada, known as the Historical
Peninsula, with modern design.

For those who are in search of a pleasurable coffee experience at ease of a button,
we invite you to taste the rich flavour of Özerlat Real Turkish Coffee with Arzum OKKA.

Enjoy your coffee in style with our new ceramic coffee mugs. Available in white and
black. Capacity: 240ml.